June Recipes


Various types of berries being tossed into the air amidst splashing water.

Berry Blast

Berries are a fresh and flavorful addition to both sweet and savory dishes. These simple and impressive recipes showcase the versatility of in-season berries from Hy-Vee.

10 Ways to Cook an Egg

Scramble up your egg routine with different cooking techniques to enjoy new styles, flavors and textures of eggs on their own or as part of any meal.

A single red cherry.


Red or yellow, sweet or tart, these stonefruits have a short growing season. So snap them up now for recipes, preserving and eating out of hand.

A cast iron skillet with markings from a clock.

30-Minute Seafood Skillets

Get one-pan meals on your table fast, starring flavorful fish from Hy-Vee.

A picnic setting with food and drinks.

Make-Ahead Picnic Sides

Prep these recipes ahead so they’re ready to pack in the cooler alongside the main dish for picnics, barbecues and
Fourth of July parties.

An ice cream scooper digging in to a tub of ice cream.

How to Make No-Churn Ice Cream

No ice cream maker? No problem! Whip up a vanilla base with just three ingredients, then go to town with your favorite flavors.

A piece of steak being engulfed in flames over the grill.

Great Steaks

Find flavorful, top-quality steaks—beef, fish and pork—at Hy-Vee and grill them to their juiciest best with these recipes, how-tos and tips.

A hamburger and a shake on a red background.

Burgers & Shakes

Make these favorite summertime duos extra special with over-the-top flavors and delicious pairings. Serve for outdoor celebrations or weeknight family treats.

A one-pan dish on the grill.

Pan Grillers

Cook big-batch casseroles and desserts in a baking pan on the grill to feed a crowd in a few simple steps.

A red, white, and blue frozen cocktail with a sparkler stuck in the top.

Stars, Stripes & Sips

Celebrate Independence Day with patriotic mixed drink recipes and canned cocktails from Hy-Vee.