April Recipes

Mint Mojito Fizzy Bombs

Glass of Mint Mojito Fizzy Bomb cocktail
Hands On:
30 minutes
Total Time:
270 minutes


    Cocktail Bomb

    • ½ cup ultrafine pure cane sugar
    • ½ cup Hy-Vee powdered sugar
    • 2 tsp Hy-Vee baking soda
    • 1 tbsp mint extract
    • 1 tsp fresh lime juice
    • 2 tsp lime zest

    Fizzy Mint Mojito

    • 6 oz lime sparkling water
    • 1 ½ oz light rum
    • Lime slices, for garnish
    • Fresh mint, for garnish
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    To Make Cocktail Bombs: Combine ultrafine sugar, powdered sugar, and baking soda in a small bowl. Stir in mint extract and lime juice until sugar resembles wet sand. Stir in lime zest.
    Press mixture into 2 (1 teaspoon) rounded measuring spoons, leaving some excess at top of spoons. Invert one spoon on top of the other. Press spoons together and shake lightly.
    Remove one spoon and invert bomb into hand. Remove remaining spoon and place bomb on a rimmed tray. Repeat with remaining mixture. Let dry 4 hours before serving. Store covered at room temperature for up to 2 days.
    To Make 1 Cocktail: Combine lime sparkling water and rum in a 10-oz. cocktail glass. Add one dried bomb; stir to mix well. Repeat to make remaining 9 drinks. If desired, garnish with lime slices and fresh mint.

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